Meet Ziggy, an
inclusive sex toy
for all bodies.

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What makes Ziggy Inclusive?

  • Multiple Uses

    Ziggy's versatile design allows it to be used in many ways. Rub it, tuck it into your underwear, sit or lay on it, stroke with it, or use it between partners.

  • Simple Charging

    Ziggy features an accessible charging station for easy access, charging, and storage, helping users with limited mobility or fine motor skills.

  • Versatile Vibrations

    Ziggy provides 8 unique vibration settings exploring different speeds and patterns for every preference and sensitivity.

  • NDIS Friendly

    Ziggy is NDIS eligible, making it simple to claim under assistive technology when it aligns with your goals. We can assist with this process.

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All bodies deserve pleasure

Luddi is an inclusive sexual wellness brand, with a core commitment to inclusivity and accessibility. We advocate for communities often sidelined in conversations about sexual wellness, ensuring they feel seen, heard, and welcomed.