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You may have come across the term low-cost or basic Assistive Technology or AT as part of your NDIS plan. Did you know that you can even claim sexual devices under your assistive technology budget?

Step 1

Get an invoice sent to you

Visit the "Shop Ziggy™" page and add a Ziggy to cart

Click the 🛒 image in the top right of the screen

Enter your details, choose your shipping, then click "continue to payment"

On the payment page, select "NDIS Order" and then click "complete order"

Step 2

Arrange for the invoice to be paid


1. Upload the invoice on your NDIS portal

2. Claim the amount under Low-Risk Assistive Technology or under your Capital budget

3. Wait for funds to arrive in your account then pay the invoice


Plan Managed?

1. Send the Invoice to your plan Manager


NDIA Managed?

1. We are not yet registered, but get in touch and we will connect you with a local NDIS registered retailer.

Can I claim a Ziggy™ as assistive technology in my NDIS plan?

NDIS participants can choose how they want to manage the funded support in their plan. Therefore, you can claim sexual devices as assistive technology in your NDIS plan as long as:

- It meets the reasonable and necessary criteria

- It meets your needs

- It helps you to pursue your goals

What is assistive technology?

The NDIS defines assistive technology based on the World Health Organisation definition, which states, “any device or system that allows individuals to perform tasks they would otherwise be unable to do or increases the ease and safety with which tasks can be performed”.Simply put, assistive technologies can be categorised as physical supports that help you:

- Do something more easily or safely

- Do something you otherwise cannot do because of your disability.

The NDIS will fund assistive technology that allows people with a disability to reach their fullest potential at home, in the community, and in the workplace, and therefore reach the goals within their NDIS plan.

What are the requirements for claiming low-cost or basic assistive technology?

- Low cost is considered less than $500

- It must be safe to use and doesn’t require any help setting it up

- You don't need an assessment or any quotes

- It can be bought from your local store or online

- You must have funding for low-cost assistive technology in your NDIS Plan under your Core Budget and myPortal

What if assistive technologies are not available in my NDIS plan?

Thankfully, participants can use their funding flexibly to purchase low-cost or basic assistive technology using funding in their Core-Consumables budget. Most participants have funding allocated in their Core budget for consumables. Following a change made in 2020, participants can use their Core budget more flexibly, including purchasing low-cost AT under the consumables category. 

If you’re plan-managed or self-managed, you can purchase these items from any provider. NDIA-managed participants can purchase these from any NDIS provider registered to deliver assistive technology support.

How do I claim a sexual device as low-cost assistive technology?

As long as you can link the purchase of the Ziggy™ sexual device to your NDIS goals, there are two ways to claim under assistive technology using your NDIS funding:

1. You can buy the Ziggy™ yourself, and with the receipt, you can then claim reimbursement with your plan manager.

2. You can fill in our NDIS order form. You will then receive an invoice that can be passed onto your plan manager or uploaded to the relevant portal.

It’s very important to remember that if you’re self-managed, you can purchase the Ziggy™ yourself, but it still needs to relate to the goals in your NDIS plan. If you can’t link it back, and you’re audited, you will need to pay back the cost of the Ziggy™ that you purchased using your NDIS funding.

What documentation should I keep if I purchase the Ziggy™ before receiving funding?

We strongly encourage that you keep a copy of your invoice and although it’s not always necessary, it can be handy to keep any information that relates to how the purchasing of sexual assistive technology meets your NDIS goals. For example, this could be a recommendation from an occupational therapist, physiotherapist, or another allied health professional that a sexual device will help you improve your functioning in your everyday life to deliver assistive technology support. 

What if I don’t have any NDIS goals that allow for purchasing a Ziggy™?

At your next review, be sure to identify a goal around your sexual health or well-being, so that there is a goal to support you in buying a device in the future. If possible, have your therapy team put it in writing for you to take along to support your request.

Should I discuss my needs with my support network?

Wouldn't it be great if everyone could openly talk about their sexual needs? We recommend NDIS participants should consider discussing their needs with their families, carers, and existing providers. This ensures that they find the best way to receive the support they need to live the most fulfilling life possible. These conversations are also really important in helping to de-stigmatise the exploration of sexual well-being amongst people with disabilities. However, we know it can be hard to talk about sex, so let us know if you're not sure who to talk to and we'll try and find someone to help you out.

Require assistance?

Not sure how to claim using your NDIS funding or have some further questions? 

No stress, our friendly team of health professionals is here to help. Reach out anonymously and we can guide you through the process.

Not sure how to claim using your NDIS funding or have some further questions? No stress, our friendly team of health professionals is here to help. Reach out anonymously and we can guide you through the process.

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